About Movie


At 7:07 PM, the occult club members are holding a ritual ceremony to summon “Master Salt” in Kamono Girls’ High School in Tokyo, to help one of the members, Nanako, who has been struck by mysterious incidents. They draw a pentagon and a circle with purified salt, and burn a sealed envelope with a written wish. Out of nowhere, a mysterious woman in a hakama appears with a blast of wind. It is the divine protector, Master Salt. She sees through the identity of the spirit that cursed Nanako and repels the curse. After that event, Nanako and her friends ask Master Salt to repel the curses that bring misery to people. They discover that this world is full of people who curse others―a man who swindles the elderly out of their money, a businessman who commits domestic violence, and a university professor who denies the students’ spiritual beliefs and suppresses the students by threatening to flunk them. One after another, people ask Master Salt for help. The occult club members eventually find out the secret scandal of the son and the successor of a renowned company, Tendo Group. What will Master Salt and the girls encounter in the battle against a powerful enemy?

What is ikiryo (living ghost)?

Ikiryo is a disembodied spirit that leaves the body of a living person and possesses other people or places. It is often believed that ikiryo goes across great distances. When people have a strong desire or feelings toward something, that feeling becomes ikiryo and curses others. In a way, the internet nowadays helps actualize the world of ikiryo. People can easily share any information and spread them online, which also lets them spread curses around. 

In fact, the problems and sufferings we encounter in our everyday life often involve curses. A curse is a wish to bring others unhappiness. Such a wish, if harbored for a long time, will turn into an ikiryo that causes others illnesses or unexpected accidents. Curses invite curses upon curses. 

Causes of the Curses

Curses are often caused by excessive greed and always caused by “mistakes in the mind,” which are called as “three poisons of the mind” and ”six worldly delusions.” This film portrays how these mistakes in the mind such as envy, greed, anger, ignorance, and conceit become curses.

1. GREED - Excessive Desire:

the mind that knows no content


2. ANGER - Rage:

the mind that attacks others with rage


3. IGNORANCE - Foolishness:

the mind that misleads people out of foolishness


4. CONCEIT - Arrogance:

the arrogant mind that wants to take from others